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Our Vision

"Inviting All Generations to Grow in Faith

and Share the Love of Jesus"

At Redeemer, we love the difference that Jesus makes in our lives, and we want to INVITE you to experience the love of Jesus in the same way.

We believe that God has called us to share the good news of Jesus with people both young and old. We are a church where people of all generations can worship together, and learn from each other as we walk together in the faith.

At Redeemer, we believe that God doesn't want us to remain stagnant, but to contilually be learning more about him, and growing in our faith and our discipleship journey.  We hope that you join us for worship or bible study, and GROW alongside of us!

God calls us to love others as He first loved us.  After we experience the difference that Jesus makes in our own lives, God wants us to SHARE that love of Jesus with our community, and the world!

Our vision statement is not just words on a page, but guides how we approach ministry.  We would love to invite you to join us, as we help all people of all generations grow in faith and share the love of Jesus!
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