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The Be-Like-Jesus Challenge

During the season of Lent (Ash Wednesday until Palm Sunday), our congregation is taking the 'Be Like Jesus Challenge' (or 'Being Challenge, for short) The Being Challenge is devotional book that challenges us to learn about 5 of the habits and practices that Jesus lived by in his daily life, and challenges us to live Being more like Jesus.  Each day’s reading takes about 5 minutes, and includes a short devotion, scripture, and a daily ‘challenge’ to help you live more like Jesus. 


Instead of giving something up this Lent, let’s all pick up the words of Jesus!

How do I Get a Book?

If you'd like to join the challenge, we have books available at church, or if are not living in Vero Beach, click HERE for a link to purchase the book on Amazon.

When does the Be-Like-Jesus Challenge Start?

The official start date is Tuesday March 16th (the Day before Ash Wednesday), and Day 40 was Saturday March 27th.   But if you want to join the challenge after tha, we could love you to join us.  It's never too late to pick up the words of Jesus.

Connect with Us

Our Sunday sermons, 9:15 am Sunday Bible Study, and our 11:00 am Wednesday Lenten services will have the same themes as the Be Like Jesus Challenge readings for the week.  You can't escape the Be-Like-Jesus Challenge!

You can access sermons online by clicking HERE

You can also follow us on Facebook HERE, or by searching for Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

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